Book Review #11 – Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

think and grow rich

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Genre: Finance | Psychology
Length: 233 pages
Publish Date: First published January 1, 1937

Napoleon Hill and Rosa Lee Beeland’s book “Think and Grow Rich” was marketed as a manual for self-improvement and personal growth and was regarded as a classic in the personal development field and has had a significant impact on shaping the way people see money and success.

10 Lessons From “Think and Grow Rich”

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Desire can be stated as the starting point of all achievement. One of the best examples of how success may be driven by intense desire is Thomas Edison’s insatiable dedication to develop a workable electric lightbulb. Edison persisted due to his enduring determination to accomplish his goals in spite of many setbacks and disappointments. He devoted himself to introducing electric light to reality because he saw it as an opportunity. After several trials, Thomas Edison eventually created the incandescent lightbulb, which completely changed the lighting industry. 


Faith is the visualisation of the attainment of desire. Henny Ford’s faith in his ability is a major factor to produce vehicles in large quantities at a low cost. Ford was passionate about making automobiles affordable for the general public because he thought it was what should happen. Even in the face of obstacles and doubt, Ford continued to pursue his idea. His persistent belief in his concepts led to the creation of the Model T, the first car that was affordable, and revolutionised the auto industry.


Auto-suggestion can be introduced as the medium for influencing the subconscious mind. Auto suggestion techniques were frequently utilised by athletes as a performance enhancer. Athletic Individuals may train their brains for success by utilising visualisation techniques and positive affirmations. Olympic competitors, for instance, exercise mental imaging before a big competition by clearly visualising themselves succeeding. By teaching the subconscious mind to believe in success, this method improves performance, increases confidence, and improves attention.


Personal experiences or observations might be referred to as specialised knowledge. Bill Gates’ success can be ascribed to his particular understanding of computer programming. Even at an early age, his knowledge of computers and programming languages was deep-seated. His software designing expertise changed the personal computer market and co-founded Microsoft. Gates’ specific expertise moulded the future of software development and contributed to his personal success.

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The imagination is the unique faculty of humankind that can be stated as the workshop of the mind. Walt Disney’s outstanding accomplishments were made possible by his imagination and creative thinking. Disney’s inventiveness produced the idea for Disneyland as well as created well-known characters like Mickey Mouse. Disney transformed the entertainment business with his imaginative tales and fantastical universes. His unconventional thinking and capacity to visualise possibilities beyond set limitations established the groundwork for the Disney brand’s success.


Persistence can be defined as the sustained effort necessary to induce faith. The life of Colonel Sanders is a monument to the strength of persistence. Sanders attempted to market his fried chicken recipe but was repeatedly turned down before starting Kentucky Fried Chicken. He didn’t let that stop him from pursuing being successful. Sanders approached restaurant owners door to door, perfecting his formula as he went. His perseverance eventually paid off when he discovered a partner who shared his vision for the recipe, resulting in the launch of the KFC franchise, which went on to become an international success.


The power of mastermind can be stated as the driving force which highlights how important it is to surround oneself with people who share your values and help you improve both personally and professionally. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created Apple, forming an incredible intellectual team. Jobs’ goal of creating computers that were easy to use and Wozniak’s technical know-how were a great match. They transformed the personal computer market and helped Apple grow into one of the most valuable businesses in the world.

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Decision can be described as the mastery of procrastination. The value of quick decision-making is demonstrated by Mark Zuckerberg’s preference to leave Harvard and concentrate on launching Facebook. Zuckerberg saw the potential of his social networking platform despite the dangers and uncertainties associated. He took the risk of quitting Harvard to focus solely on Facebook’s expansion. Zuckerberg ended up being one of the world’s youngest millionaires and altered social media as a result of this choice, which freed him up to devote all of his time and resources to growing the business.


The subconscious mind can be regarded as the mechanism that allows people to access the powers of the Universal Mind by serving as a link between the finite intellect and the infinite intelligence. Oprah Winfrey’s success has been fueled by her strong belief that goals and positive thought have great power. Millions of people have been influenced by Winfrey’s optimistic outlook through her widely watched talk show and Media empire. In order to get the intended results, she underlines the need of coordinating one’s ideas, beliefs, and behaviours. Winfrey’s personal journey from a difficult upbringing to success in the media and philanthropy is proof of the subconscious mind’s transformational ability.


Persistence can be referred to as the sustained effort necessary to induce faith. The struggles J. K. Rowling had before becoming successful with the Harry Potter series is a motivational tale of persistence and failure. Rowling received several rejections from publishers who thought their tale was worth telling.  He continued to wait however, not willing to give up. When Bloomsbury publishing finally approved Rowling’s work, his perseverance and tenacity paid off. Rowling’s worldwide recognition sprang from Harry Potter’s triumph, highlighting the importance of gaining knowledge from setbacks and enduring hardships.

Each of these instances demonstrates how the advice of “Think and Grow Rich” is applied to the actual experiences of prosperous people and emphasises how important traits like desire, faith, perseverance, creativity, and judgement are to attaining remarkable achievement.