5 blogs or newsletter you can follow to grow a reading habit

grow a reading habit

#Seth Godin

    A wealth of perceptive, provocative, and frequently out-of-the-ordinary views about marketing, entrepreneurship, and the human condition can be found on Seth Godin’s blog. Godin challenges conventional wisdom and encourages readers to embrace their creativity, take calculated chances, and change the world and their professions with a daily dose of wisdom. His blog has become a must-read for everyone trying to make their way through the always shifting world of business and personal development because of his succinct and insightful writings.

    #Mark Manson

      A straightforward and enlightening look at personal growth and development may be found on Mark Manson’s site. Manson provides insightful advice on leading a more meaningful and genuine life, all while maintaining his irreverent flair and straightforward manner. Through the exploration of difficult life issues and the analysis of contemporary society, his blog inspires readers to face hard truths and make progress toward a more contented, happy living. It is a wellspring of knowledge and motivation for individuals looking for a route to true self-awareness and development.

      #Austin Kleon

        Every week, Austin Kleon’s email provides a creative and inspirational dose. He offers readers inspiring recommendations, useful tips, and creative insights that help them realize their own creative potential through his own lyrical and artistic perspective. To add more creativity and originality to your everyday life, this is a must-subscribe.

        #James Clear

          A treasure trove of useful tips and routines for both career and personal development may be found in James Clear’s newsletter. Using a scientific approach to productivity and behavior modification, he offers useful guidance on creating efficient routines and achieving long-term gains. Getting his newsletter is akin to having a personal mentor who will support you in reaching your objectives and developing into the finest version of yourself.

          #The Woke Salaryman

            A hilarious and refreshingly honest look at personal money and life’s financial challenges may be found in “The Woke Salaryman”. With clever graphics and realistic tales, it provides a distinctive viewpoint on negotiating the challenges of finances, employment, and life. For young professionals looking to take control of their financial destiny while maintaining a sense of humor, this blog offers both amusement and insightful financial information.